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General Purpose Thermocouples

Moving Surface Thermocouple (Type 8)

For temperatures up to 250°C and rotating and linear speeds up to 275 metres per minute, Type 8 sensors are suitable for use on calendar rolls, motor shafts and flat sheets of metal, plastic and textile surfaces with low abrasion resistance.

The assemblies are available with a long life, low friction spring loaded detection head incorporating thermocouple conductor types K, T, J, N, or E. They are supplied complete with a built in thermocouple socket, matching plug and mounting bar. Thermocouple extension leads should be ordered separately. Spare replacement thermocouple cartridges are also available (order code S8). If further information is required please contact the company for our detailed technical bulletin.

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1 Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (continuous) Temperature Range
(short term)
K Nickel Chromium vs
Nickel Aluminium
0°C to +1100°C -180°C to +1350°C
T Copper vs Constantan -185°C to +300°C -250°C to +400°C
J Iron vs Constantan +20°C to +700°C -180°C to +750°C
N Nicrosil vs Nisil 0°C to +1100°C -270°C to +1300°C
E Nickel Chromium vs Constantan 0°C to +800°C -40°C to +900°C
Temperature ranges refer to the thermocouple type.
The temperature range of the sensor may deviate from the above,
please refer to the product description for more details