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General Purpose Thermocouples

Brake Disc Rubbing Thermocouple (Type 30)

The Type 30 Brake Disc Rubbing Thermocouple has been specifically designed to monitor brake disc temperatures up to a maximum of 850°C. It incorporates a fast response miniature mineral insulated thermocouple sensor (0.5mm dia. simplex, 1.0mm dia. duplex) which is microwelded to a floating, fully adjustable stainless steel shoe. The sensor can be easily adjusted by setting the spring pressure using the supplied screw and locknut set. This allows for perfect setting of the temperature sensor on the brake disc in a variety of applications. The brake disc rubbing thermocouple is then easily mounted into position through a 5mm fixing hole which is set in the main body.
  • Specifically designed for brake disc temperature monitoring up to 850°C
  • Standard, Robust or Heavy Duty versions available
  • Easily mounted and fully adjustable for perfect location of the shoe via a screw and nut set on the main body
  • Thermocouple Types K, T, J, N or E available
  • Colour coded to IEC584.3 or ANSI MC96.1

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Straight-over sensor.
Available in simplex (0.5mm dia.) or duplex (1.0mm dia.).
Sensor wrapped around frame for extra support.
Available in simplex (0.5mm dia.) or duplex (1.0mm dia.).
Heavy Duty
Sensor housed in a robust disc and fitted with a strain relief tube for extra support.
Available in simplex (0.5mm dia.) or duplex (1.0mm dia.).

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1 Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (continuous) Temperature Range
(short term)
K Nickel Chromium vs
Nickel Aluminium
0°C to +1100°C -180°C to +1350°C
T Copper vs Constantan -185°C to +300°C -250°C to +400°C
J Iron vs Constantan +20°C to +700°C -180°C to +750°C
N Nicrosil vs Nisil 0°C to +1100°C -270°C to +1300°C
E Nickel Chromium vs Constantan 0°C to +800°C -40°C to +900°C
Temperature ranges refer to the thermocouple type.
The temperature range of the sensor may deviate from the above,
please refer to the product description for more details

Hot junction insulated from sheath. Gives floating output with typical insulation resistance in excess of 100 megohms

Hot junction welded to sheath tip giving earthed output and faster response to temperature changes