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General Purpose Thermocouples

Heavy Duty Magnet Thermocouple (Type 31HD)

An extremely powerful magnet makes this thermocouple sensor ideal for heavy duty applications where the surface temperature of ferrous materials needs to be measured. The sensor has a magnet strength of 6Kg and is supplied with PVC insulated leads. Available in thermocouple types K, T, J, N or E as standard with an operating temperature range of -10ºC to +100ºC. Magnet Dimensions: 25mm dia. x 13.5mm thick.

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1 Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (continuous) Temperature Range
(short term)
K Nickel Chromium vs
Nickel Aluminium
0°C to +1100°C -180°C to +1350°C
T Copper vs Constantan -185°C to +300°C -250°C to +400°C
J Iron vs Constantan +20°C to +700°C -180°C to +750°C
N Nicrosil vs Nisil 0°C to +1100°C -270°C to +1300°C
E Nickel Chromium vs Constantan 0°C to +800°C -40°C to +900°C
Temperature ranges refer to the thermocouple type.
The temperature range of the sensor may deviate from the above,
please refer to the product description for more details