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Temperature Controllers

DIN Rail Mounting Dual Display Temperature Controllers

Fully programmable PID or ON/OFF with adjustable hysteresis as configured by the user.
Active Tuning and Self Tuning
In addition to self tuning the SA100 feature continuous active tuning. Active tuning which can be manually selected, automatically adjusts PID values as a result of a process disturbance, to ensure optimum performance.
Either of the specified outputs may be configured by the user to act as deviation or process alarms.
One alarm may be configured by the user to detect a fault in the control loop caused by failure of the heater element, load relay or sensor circuit.
A wide range of thermocouple and resistance thermometer inputs can be specified. Current and voltage inputs are also available.
Relay, SSR and current (0-20mA or 4-20mA) outputs are available and may be easily configured by the user for control, retransmission or alarm functions.
Panel or DIN Rail Mounting
The SA100 may be panel mounted (panel thickness 1-10mm) or it can be fitted to a DIN rail using the optional base terminal connector (see accessories box below for code numbers for this option).
RS485 communication is available as ANSI Serial code or Modbus protocol allowing the SA100 to be connected to PCs and PLCs. Up to 32 instruments can be connected to a single communication port.
Heating/Cooling Control Action
In applications where the process generates heat, the use of heat/cool PID contributes to stable control and energy savings. The controller allows the selection of an overlap or deadband between the heating and cooling outputs. Heating/Cooling Control action is available with self tuning. A choice of control signals is available for both heating and cooling outputs.
Waterproof and Dustproof Version
An IP66 version of the SA100 is available.
Process Value Bias
This option allows the measured object temperature to be offset on the display to compensate for errors due to difficulties in correct placement of the sensor.
Data Security
Non volatile memory and set data lock prevents loss or inadvertent change of data due to power failure or incorrect operation.
Contact Input
A digital input contact is available for either setpoint 1 or 2 switching or run / stop control. This function can be used with the output from a timer, PLC, etc.
Retransmission Output
Control Output 1 may be specified for retransmission of Set, Process, Deviation or Control output variables.
Programmable Panel Display
When used as an indicator only (with or without alarm outputs) the set value display may be turned off to avoid confusion.
A choice of 85/264V AC or 24V AC/DC supplies is available.

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