Surface Thermocouples

Thermocouples for Surface Temperature Measurement Applications

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Contact Thermocouples for Surface Temperature Measurement Applications

We offer a range of contact thermocouples designed to measure the surface temperature of various materials. The range includes simple bead thermocouples, magnetic thermocouples for use on ferrous materials along with various self adhesive patch thermocouples and hand held sensors for on the spot measurements.

How do you use a thermocouple on a surface?

A surface thermocouple, such as a K-type thermocouple (Chromel / Alumel) or type T (Copper / Constantan), functions as a temperature sensor by making direct contact with the surface. The sensor then generate a thermoelectric emf or voltage in a thermocouple circuit proportional to the temperature at the surface over a specified temperature range. They are usually supplied with a length of cable and can be terminated in a miniature connector if required for connection to a thermcouple thermometer. Find out more about how a thermocouple works

Choose the right thermocouple for your appplication

We are the largest manufacturer of thermocouple probes in Europe. We have an enormous range of components in stock, which means we can make virtually any sensor you specify.

We can ship custom built thermocouples typically within five days or sooner.

How do you attach a surface thermocouple?

Depending on the surface material (copper, lead, aluminium, plastic, rubber, steel, iron, nickel etc.), there are three main methods of attaching thermocouples to surfaces to measure temperature. Magnet thermocouples, like our spring loaded magnet thermocouple, can be quickly attached and removed from ferrous metal surfaces. These are rugged sensors that can withstand high temperatures.

The second method requires some kind of mechanical fixing of the sensor, like our washer thermocouples or pipe clamp thermocouples, which tend to be more permanent sensors for long term measurement of surface or pipe temperatures.

Then we have a range of self adhesive thermocouples, like our patch thermocouples, which again are usually used for more permanent measurements and tend to be self adhesive thermocouples for attachment to any surface, although we also have magnetic patch thermocouples available.

For 'on the spot' measurements, perhaps with a hand held digital thermometer, we have a range of hand held surface thermocouples suitable for on-site temperature measurements of all surfaces.

We also have some more application specific thermocouples such as the Moving Surface Roller Thermocouple which is a surface probe designed to monitor the surface temperature of rollers and conveyor belts.

Finally, for applications where the use of a fixed sensor in any form is not possible, we have a range of Infrared Thermometers for remote spot temperature measurements of surfaces.


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