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What is a Thermocouple Probe?

A thermocouple probe is a type of sensor used to measure temperature based on the principle of thermoelectricity. It consists of two different metal wires welded together at one end - the hot junction. When this junction encounters a temperature change, it generates a voltage, allowing for precise temperature measurement Find out more about how a thermocouple works

The Purpose of Handheld Thermocouple Probes

Handheld thermocouples are designed for easy measurement of on-site temperatures. They consist of a handle for easy gripping, a probe sheath to protect the thermocouple wires, and a junction (sensor) at the tip for temperature detection. They usually have a miniature thermocouple connector fitted at the end of a flexible cable for quick connection to hand held instruments.

Ideal for applications requiring on-the-spot measurements and temperature checks, these portable probes find applications across various industries:

  • Food Industry: Handheld thermocouples are used extensively in kitchens and food processing areas to ensure food safety and maintain optimal cooking temperatures.
  • HVAC and Refrigeration: Technicians rely on them to diagnose issues and regulate temperatures in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.
  • Laboratory and Scientific Research: These probes play a pivotal role in scientific experiments where precise temperature measuring is required.
  • Industrial Applications: From manufacturing processes to quality control, handheld thermocouples are essential in ensuring optimal operating temperatures for machinery and processes.

Handheld thermocouple probes come in various styles, each catering to specific applications and environments. Here are some common styles:

Penetration Probes

These have a straight, pointed tip for easy insertion into solid or semi-solid materials, ideal for checking internal temperatures of food or monitoring machinery.

Needle Probes

Featuring a very fine, sharp point, they are used for delicate or small samples, such as in laboratory experiments (style GG). They are also availble in a robust style that allows them to be hammered in to hard surfaces like frozen food (style HH).

Surface Probes

These have a flat sensor (ribbon) that makes direct contact with surfaces for temperature measurement, often used in industrial settings for monitoring machinery or flat surfaces.

Air/Gas Probes - What is the thermocouple air probe used for?

These measure the temperature of air or gases and are commonly used in HVAC systems, ovens and environmental monitoring. They have a perforated tip to allow the air or gas to circulate around the sensing tip.

Immersion Probes

Submerged directly into liquids, these probes measure temperatures in solutions or liquids and are commonly used in laboratory applications, brewing and chemical processing.

General Purpose Probes

These rugged semi-rigid sensors are well suited to general pupose applications. The mineral insulated construction enables them to be bent or twisted to achieve access in difficult to reach areas. They can be used for immersion in liquids or for air temperatures albeit with a slower response than a specific air/gas thermocouple.

Food Industry- Monitoring cooking temperatures
- Checking food safety standards
- Quality control in food processing
HVAC and Refrigeration- Diagnosing HVAC system issues
- Monitoring refrigeration temperatures
- Ensuring proper functioning of cooling systems
Laboratory and Research- Scientific experiments requiring temperature data
- Research and development in various fields
- Quality control in laboratories
Industrial Applications- Machinery temperature monitoring
- Process control and optimization
- Quality assurance in manufacturing
- Ensuring optimal operating temperatures

Handheld thermocouple probes are used for diverse applications across industries, ensuring precise temperature measurement and control for safety, quality, and efficiency in various processes and environments.

We specialise in the manufacture of thermocouple and RTD Pt100 probes designed to meet your specific application needs. From surface RTDs or robust mineral insulated thermocouple probes to high temperature ceramic sheathed sensors, our engineers are available on 01895 252222 or via the Live Chat to assist you with design advice.

Popular Hand-Held Thermocouple Probes

Style Description and Tip Image

General Purpose Thermocouple Probe

General Purpose Thermocouple Probe Tip Mineral insulated thermocouple with a stainless steel sheath. Insulated hot junction. The tip and sheath may be operated up to 800°C and the sheath may be bent. Can be made to any length and in a choice of 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0mm diameters.

Spring Loaded Surface Probe

Spring Loaded Surface Probe Tip This sensor has a ribbon style butt welded sensing tip which allows a fast response when placed upon a solid surface.
The tip is rated to 400°C and the handle to 135°C.
Sheath: 6.35mm dia x 165mm long (from handle to tip)

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Surface Probe

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Surface Probe Tip A robust version of style 5BB with a larger butt welded ribbon junction. Whilst stronger, the response time is slightly slower; however, in most applications it is perfectly acceptable. The tip is rated to 400°C and the handle to 135°C.

Spring Loaded Surface Probe with 90º Bend

Spring Loaded Surface Probe with 90º Bend As style 5BB, but the sensing tip is positioned at a right angle for difficult to reach applications. The tip is rated to 400°C and the handle to 135°C. Sheath: 6.35mm dia x 195mm long (140mm to start of bend).

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Surface Probe with 90º Bend

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Surface Probe with 90º Bend A robust version of style 5CC with a larger butt welded ribbon junction. Whilst stronger, the response time is slightly slower; however, in most applications it is perfectly acceptable. The tip is rated to 400°C and the handle to 135°C.

Fast Response Air/Gas Probe

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Surface Probe with 90º Bend This style is ideal for measuring air or gas flows as it has a perforated sheath to allow for fast sensing. The stem is rated to 800°C and the handle to 135°C. Sheath: 4.85mm dia x 155mm long (from handle to tip).

Needle Penetration Probe

Needle Penetration Sensor This sensor can be used for penetrating semi solid materials (food, plastics, rubber etc.) as it has a sharp sensing tip. The stem is rated to 800°C and the handle to 135°C. Can be made in either a 2.0mm or 5.0mm diameter, up to 90mm or 290mm in length respectively.

Heavy Duty Needle Penetration Probe

Heavy Duty Needle Penetration Sensor All stainless steel construction, this sensor is similar to the standard Needle Penetration Sensor, however due to the 90° angle cable exit, the sensor can be hammered into hard surfaces such as frozen food. Can be made to any length up to 150mm, 6.35mm diameter.

Hand Held Digital Indicators

Thermocouple Indicator
multi input thermocouple indicatirHand held digital thermocouple indicator accepts K, T, J, N, E, R and S thermocouple types
Type K
Thermocouple Indicator
type k handheld indicator14mm high digits within a LCD display. Rugged ABS case with rubber holster
Type K Thermocouple Indicator with 2 inputs dual thermocouple probe indicator 2 channel indicator with large display. Differential measurements. Rugged ABS case with rubber holster Printing Thermocouple Indicator - Dual Channel thermocouple probe indicator with printerDual input. Suitable for thermocouple types K, T, J or E. Dot matrix inkless printing onto thermal paper 4 Channel Thermocouple Datalogger With Bluetooth multi channel temperature indicatorAccepts most thermocouple types. Four channel measurement or logging. Optional Bluetooth connectivity using an adaptor. RTD Pt100
rtd probe indicatorSuitable for use with RTD Pt100 sensors.ºC, ºF or ºK display. High accuracy. Peak and data hold functions

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Other Styles of Thermocouple Probe

Mineral Insulated
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple SensorsRugged sensors, ideal for most applications. Vast choice of terminations e.g. pot seals, cables, connectors, heads etc.
Swaged Tip
Swaged Tip Thermocouple SensorsFast response thermocouples ideal for industrial and other applications.
Miniature Thermocouple SensorsIdeal for precision temperature measurements where minimal displacement and a fast response is required.
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Thermocouple SensorsFor industrial applications such as furnaces, kilns, ovens, boliers, flues etc. Many types of sheath material available.
High Temperature Thermocouples High Temperature ThermocouplesVarious thermocouples specifically for high temperature applications. Wide choice of sheath materials and terminations. General Purpose
General Purpose ThermocouplesA wide range of thermocouples to suit many applications. Hand held, surface, bayonet, bolt, patch styles etc.
AMS2750 Approved
AMS2750 approved ThermocouplesCalibrated thermocouples designed to meet the high quality and accuracies demanded for heat treatment and vacuum furnace applications
Industrial Vacuum
vacuum Thermocouples Ceramic sheathed calibrated thermocouples designed specifically in vacuum furnace applications with very low leak rates
ATEX/IECEx Approved
ATEX approved ThermocouplesA large range of thermocouples with a variety of terminations such as pot seal, terminal heads etc.

More Information about Thermocouples

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1 Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (continuous) Temperature Range
(short term)
K Nickel Chromium vs
Nickel Aluminium
0°C to +1100°C -180°C to +1350°C
T Copper vs Constantan -185°C to +300°C -250°C to +400°C
J Iron vs Constantan +20°C to +700°C -180°C to +750°C
N Nicrosil vs Nisil 0°C to +1100°C -270°C to +1300°C
E Nickel Chromium vs Constantan 0°C to +800°C -40°C to +900°C
Temperature ranges refer to the thermocouple type.
The temperature range of the sensor may deviate from the above,
please refer to the product description for more details